Driving lessons for foreigners

Foreigners applying for polish driver license should present:

  1. Copy of Visa or permanent residency card (Bring the original copy to verify), Or
  2. Another document confirming right to stay within Polish territory or copy of certification from your university/school of being a student for at least 6 months and certificate confirming registration for residency for temporary stay since at least 185 days.

If foreigner fulfills the above conditions, he or she can apply for a Driver Candidate Profile (PKK).

For the application for PKK one should attach the following:

All the above items for PKK can be obtain personably at City Hall in the department of communication.

Depending on the category the course can start:

Course is composing of 2 parts; each part ends by an internal exam. First part is theory lectures (in English). After completing theory and taking the internal exam applicant starts the second part which is practical. Number of hours for practical part varies and is:

After completing the practical part, the applicant takes practical internal exam. After passing practical internal exam the course is considered complete, PKK is updated and send to The Examination Center.

After 2 -3 days from taking the exam one can apply for national exam in the Examination Center. Theoretical exam is offered in English. For practical part applicant must bring sworn translator paid by applicant.

Base price of drivers license course in English is:

We offer varies discounts for example for organize groups (min. of 3 people), for students of certain universities whose student organizations have signed with us training agreement.

The price can be subject to negotiation.

Additional costs associated with obtaining driver’s license are:

>>For more information including price and ect. call: Janusz Jakubowicz - 501 309 654

If you are interested, please contact us via: